We are Delaying Kindergarten and That is OK

It's the normally accepted milestone for a 5-year-old. It's time to start Kindergarten. Not for us. Not this time. My daughter has special needs. It is a fact that we came to terms with when she was 18 months, but it is also something we¬†have to mourn almost daily. This year she is 5. The first … [Read more...]

Why Following The Rules Is Important For Kids

We have all seen those kids at the play ground who don't follow the rules. We have all groaned before at a child or children who play too rough, or make an experience stressful for younger kids. The question is, why? Where are the parents? Sadly, this is often something that a parent teaches a child … [Read more...]

Keeping Busy this Labor Day

This weekend is Labor Day weekend. The farewell to summer, the last of the BBQ's. It's a time to close the cabins and visit the lake for one last getaway before the cold weather hits. School is starting and vacations come to an end. It is a great time to spend with family making memories. Labor … [Read more...]

How To Make Chia Jam With Any Fruit

It's harvest time, and that means loads of fruit and veggies to use up! I am not one for canning, but I am all about different ideas to use up the buckets of fruit I have building up. One of my favourites is Chia Jam! Chia seeds are a super food that is all the rage these days. One of the big … [Read more...]

Win a set of Honeybuns Baby Products from e-raorganics

A baby's skin is so soft, and delicate. It deserves the best, and today we have a giveaway to help you care for your little one's skin!   Baby products have recently been in the news because of the harmful ingredients they contain. Moms are looking for better options. We want to use … [Read more...]