10 Monkeys Math World Review

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Math can be easy and fun for some children. Others, it is a dreaded subject. All of the numbers, so many little things to learn, and each skill builds to the next. Just like reading, with math, you need to teach the foundation, and make sure t’s a good one. Giving a good math foundation can be difficult. What if we can make math fun? What if there was a way that kids could get excited about math? Well, there are tools out there that are doing just that. 10 Monkeys Math World is a great way to help teach math, practice, and expand on struggling areas.



The Basics

10 Monkeys Math World  is a personal online math trainer for the kids. It contains thousands of online activities in over 200 different activity types to make test preparing and extra practice motivating and easy. You can use 10monkeys Math World with desktops, laptops, interactive whiteboards, and tablets – both iTunes and Android devices are supported.

Why You Will Love Math World:

  • Exclusively designed for early learners in kindergarten and grades 1-3
  • Helps children achieve a confident level of basic math skills
  • Lots of activities and topics in four different skill levels
  • Easy-to-use progress tracker for evaluating and following up on a child’s progress
  • Works on multiple platforms
  • Academically approved content developed together with top professionals and schools
  • Content is also available in Spanish
  • Safe to use with no advertising, no downloads
  • Inexpensive

Why They Will Love Math World:

  • No stress, children can practice on their own pace
  • Loads of variation, a different order of the activities each time
  • Stunning graphics and a child-friendly interface
  • Learning is made fun
  • As they learn and practice, their confidence grows, making math at school easier


Buy It:

You can practice Math World for free in the demo version with 4 games per day. Unlimited access is available from $4.90 / year!

Visit Math World and check it out. You can’t put a price on our children’s future!

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