Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Goals

2012 was a very emotional year for me. In the spring, we received confirmation my little baby girl is disabled. That was a hard one. She was diagnosed with a Global Development Delay (A delay in more that one area) with Neurological abnormalities.

 We began physio and occupation therapy, gave her glasses, and made peace with the possibility that on top of dealing with the disability, we may never know what is wrong.

We watched as she was sedated to have a MRI, and rejoiced when the results came back normal.

We waited, patiently at first, now a little impatiently, for a development counsellor.

We rejoiced when her Neurologist found no warning signs of a Neurological condition, and yet shuddered at what that could mean. More doctors, more tests, maybe with no answers.

We are still waiting for a Geneticist to assess her to see if they can find out the cause.

Now we are beginning 2013. Looking at the next year, we need to set goals for Little C. In March she will be 2. She does not walk. She has only pulled her self up to stand once. She only says Mama. Setting realistic goals is challenging. Set them to high, and she may not meet them, causing disappointment. Set them too low,   and we won't push her to her limits.

I want desperately to make walking one of our goals for her, but am hesitant. Little C has low muscle tone. She tires easily, and has weak legs. As a mother, you always want your child to exceed, but we need to remember that each child is different. I have accepted that Little C may never walk, and that would be ok. She may always need me to care for her, and that's ok.

Goals for Little C in 2013
Increase vocabulary by 5-10 worlds
Build leg strength to support weight
Begin self feeding
Introduce 10 signs

When ever you have goals, it is wise to revisit them. I plan to do a quarterly visit to re-evaluate. Who knows? Maybe 2013 will bring enough answers that Little C will surprise us all....... 


  1. I understand what your going through. My son has Autism. He did everything early, was even saying words. But for some reason when he turned 1 1/2 years old that stopped. He is now 18 years old and starting to say words again. I never gave up.. for years all I wanted was to hear him say mommy and it happened. It took 14 years but it did. I never give up hope, he is a very smart boy. I will always have to take care of him, and I came to terms with that years ago. As a parent we do what needs to be done for our children. Your baby girl is so precious and as long as she has you anything is possible..

  2. Oh my goodness, she is PRECIOUS!!! In that picture she looks like she has little fluttering angel wings. What a darling little girl, and you must be really special people to be given such a special child.

  3. Great goals for the baby. She's gorgeous. I didn't think to really "set" goals for my little ones but I will now :) Thanks for sharing

  4. Chelsea,
    I'll have to email you. I have a kiddo that's 5, with a syndrome called diGeorge syndrome. (low muscle tone, weak immune system, heart problems). SO, if you need help with the whole GLOBAL delay area, I've got you covered! It's great that you have a team already working on it...i hope a geneticist finds the answers for you (knowing is so much easier).
    She's a cutie...that's for sure!
    Kathy @

  5. Your daughter is beautiful. I hope this year brings you some answers because it must be tough not knowing what exactly is going on. Looks like you have supportive people including the bloggers. I look forward to reading your updates.

  6. Awww....sweet little C. Hang in there! I've got 3 boys of my own, and although they aren't delayed, I can feel your angst in trying to deal with the unknown and what her future holds. No matter what, everything will be okay.

    Thrift Diving

  7. She is such a sweet little girl and you are a very devoted mother. All your love and efforts will help her through it and will make this little swetie pie an exceptional human being. Stay strong for her and I will keep you in my prayers!