Monday, April 22, 2013

Krill Oil Giveaway

I am a firm believer that or health habits make or break us. We live in a world that is not what it used to be. Now, our foods are processed so much, while it does protect us in some ways, it depletes the food of vital nutrients. With all of our modern conveniances, we are not as active as we used to be, and this will effect the rest of our lives.
There is something we can do to take better control of our health. We can control what we put into our bodies, both with food choices, and supplement choices. I never used to take supplements, and when I had my daughter, I was so weak and tired, even 6 months post later. I began taking a quality multi vitamin, and omega 3's. The difference was quick, and drastic. I was my old self again!
Not all supplements are created equally. It is important to make sure you take a quality supplement if you expect to see results. That is why I was intrigued to find out about Krill Oil. What is special about Krill Oil? Everest Nutrition offers an explanation:
Everest Nutrition’s Krill Oil is extracted from Krill living deep within the waters surrounding the Antarctic. Krill are very small, shrimp like crustaceans found in open seas throughout the world. Research from the scientific and medical communities confirms the incredible effects this oil can have in promoting heart and joint health, lowered cholesterol, improved moods and comfort during menstruation.

So why take Krill Oil?
Some of the health benefits are:
  • Protects your heart
  • Assists in lowering cholesterol
  • Alleviates PMS symptoms
  • Anti aging
  • boosts overall health and more!

There are so many noted benifits to taking a Krill Oil supplement, and now you have a chance to win some to try your self! one lucky winner will win a bottle of Krill Oil to try for themselves. Just fill out the form below. Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. This information is not to be construed as medical advice.  Consult a physician before using using any vitamins or supplements.


  1. I really should take this as a supplement, especially since I'm not a fish or seafood eater. I wish this contest was open to Canada.

    1. I know! I am in Canada, and miss all the best giveaways too. I am trying to have more World wide and Canadian giveaways posted here, so keep looking!