Saturday, April 27, 2013

Let's Revolt!

I am about to start a new journey, one that has my in knots! After 5 children, a thyroid condition, and a history of inactivity, I am planning to change my life. I want to loose the weight that has kept me down for so long.
I know that weight loss is not easy, and I know it takes work. If there was an easy fix, that worked and lasted, the whole world would be skinny!
I found out about Revolt Fitness from an other blogging friend, and will be starting the program on Monday.

What is Revolt?

Revolt is a online personal trainer,  meal plan, work out plan, videos, and supports to help you reach your goals, and get where you want to be.
I will go more in depth as I start this week. This week is Detox week for me, cleaning my body of all the sugars and garbage we normally eat. This will help my body prepare for the trasformation.

I hope you all will follow me on this journey! 


  1. You CAN do it! Just keep telling yourself that this is for you and trust me, in the end you will feel SO much better! I have had 5 kiddos myself and competed in a weight loss challenge for 6 months last year. I came in in the top % and lost by 1 vote---bummer, but I gained a ton of self esteem and realized that I need to focus on myself a little bit more. Good luck! :)