Monday, May 20, 2013

Is Your Spring Cleaning Really Over?

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The snow is gone, the grass is growing, flowers are blooming. Spring is here. Spring cleaning is a given for most people, a clear time to remember to tackle all those big jobs that wait for us. How many of us actually think about our car? It is really just as important as spring cleaning the house, if not more important. After all, our family rides in our vehicle for hours at a time, and the house isn't moving at 60 miles per hour!

 Insurance Hunter has a great article about taking car of our vehicles this spring. It was a good reminder for me what needs to be done to get our van ready for summer. While readying the article, I realized I always pack a winter survival kit while traveling in the winter in case of a break down, but isn't it just as important to pack a summer survival kit? If we have a break down in the summer, a hot vehicle can be just as scary. If we have to walk for help, when do I carry hats, and sunscreen? What about water? We always need to be prepared. 

Plus, think about all the sand, salt, and dirt that gets stuck to our feet, and in turn stays in our vehicles all winter long. No one takes the time to vacuum it up in the bitter cold, but do you really want it there all summer? 

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