Saturday, May 18, 2013

Looking for a new RSS reader?

Did you know that Google will no longer offering RSS feeds after July 1, 2013?
I have many blogs that I follow, and I don't want to miss any posts form my favourites, so I have been hunting for a new reader. Recently I found Bloglovin', and I am loving it! It is a super easy, organized way to make sure that you continue to receive all your favourite posts with out even clogging up your email box! I receive one daily email with the posts all included. Then I can read what interests me when ever I want. There is even apps on the App Store and Google Play for mobile access!

Set up is easy. First, you need to put in your email address. Use the one you use for your Google feed to make sure you don't miss you favourite blogs. You can import them all.

 Next, let Bloglovin' import your blogs from Google Reader.

 Now let Bloglovin' do the work. The more blogs you follow, the longer this step takes.
That's it! Now you can check your feeds. I am so happy I made the switch. You can see snippets of each post and a picture. 

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For you mobile users, check out Bloglovin' on the App store and Google Play
Thank you to Saving You Dinero for the images! 


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