Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mogo Sport Mouth Gaurd Review

Having 4 active boys means that I often here crashes followed by tears. Boys are rough. They play rough, they run rough, they like rough. Is it any surprise they love rough sports?
My boys are hockey nuts. Their walls are covered with hockey. The back yard, hockey. Hockey is a rough sport though. With all sports, there are risks, and a mother is going to worry! I am always thinking about the day the boys come in with a chipped or missing tooth, or blood running down their face. Well, now I can relax, a bit.

The Basics

Mogo is the world's first flavoured mouth guard. Mogo is designed by athletes, so they know what athletes want and need. After reading about Mogo, I started to pay attention watching the hockey games. Have you ever noticed what athletes do with their mouth guards? They rush to rip it out, and then throw it around before jamming it right back in when they need it again. Gross! Mogo created a flavoured mouth guard so people will WANT to wear it. Kids are not usually dillagent with wearing equipment, so what good is safety equipment on the bench? 
Getting a good fit on kids can be tricky, my oldest had a hard time following my instructions, but his little brother had no trouble.

Why You Will Love It:

  • BPA free
  • Flavours are made from all-natural ingredients
  • Protects teeth
  • Custom fit for maximum protection
  • Absorbs impact from jaw blows
  • $10,000 Dental Warranty, yes, $10,000 Dental Warranty! 
  • Affordable with out sacrificing quality
  • Easy to get a custom fit, easy to use
  • 2 sizes, Adult and youth
  • Peace of mind. There is no price tag on that one!
Why They Will Love It:
  • Colourful
  • Great tasting flavours that last even when you are done wearing it
  • 6 great tasting flavours to choose from!

Buy It

Visit Mogo Sport and buy one for your athletes from $11.99. Get free shipping when you buy 4 or more. Compared to a dental bill, that is nothing!
Check out Mogo Sport on Facebook and Twitter. 

Discloser: I was sent Mogo mouth guards for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received  All opinions are my own.


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