Monday, July 22, 2013

Getting There Slowly

Little C is always doing new things. She is 2 1/2 now, and some days I am amazed because she seems more like a 12 month old. Through all the progress, I am constantly reminding myself that slow and steady wins the race.

Although she is still not walking, she is getting stronger every day. We now have braces on her ankles. This is helping her learn to use other muscles to steady her self. Her physiotherapist is suggesting new tools to help her, like a ride on toy. All things I never thought of.

She says "Hi" now, which is amazing!

The biggest excitement for me is the way she has responded to the newest addition in our extended family. My sister in-law recently had a new baby girl. Little C is very jealous of me holding any children, so I was very nervous about the new baby. Little C surprised me. He adores her new cousin, and is mad if I give the baby to anyone!
To add to my joy, she is now playing with her dolls! She is engaging in imaginative play, and imitating the adults around her! This is a huge step in her development, one I am very happy to share with you all! It just shows again, be patient........children are full of surprises! 


  1. Congratulations. "Hi." It really does melt the heart to see so much growth and improvement. Things move slowly but the progress is amazing. She's beautiful playing with her doll.
    Sherry Compton

  2. That's wonderful! We've come to realize that some things come at a slower pace, and there is always so much joy when the progress is finally visible. That's a great cause for a celebration!