Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Lovable Labels Back To School Packs

Yes, it's summer, and the kids are home, but it isn't too soon to think about back to school. Time to buy supplies, new shoes, and new clothes. Then we send the kids to school with all the new supplies, and hope that they all make it back home.
Kid's loose everything, don't they?

Lovable Labels gets it. That's why they have their back to school packs with over 150 custom labels!

  • 30 Multi-Purpose Sticker Labels 
  • 80 Slimline Labels
  • 12 Shoe Labels
  • 48 Press N’ Stick Clothing DOTS
  • 12 Square Labels
  • 2 Mini Metal Tags

Even though we home school we still have problems keeping track of the kid's stuff. It always seems like several kids have the same shoes, and the same bags. Using Lovable Labels saves us headaches, and money! No more loosing shoes at a play place, bringing home the wrong bag. 
Lovable Labels are dishwasher and microwave safe making them perfect for water bottles and lunch kits, and washer and dryer safe. 
With 8 new designs, there is something to please everyone! 
Little S got right into personalizing his supplies. We picked the Movin' & Groovin' design.

He loved the designs. Cars, planes, trains. Everything a little boy loves. And Mommy is happy because his clothes will come home! 

Back To School pack are $44.95, but until July 15 you can get the for $39.95! Saving money is always a good thing, and this is a limited time early bird special! 
Oh wait, there is more! Use code ChelseaLB3 for an additional 10% off your purchase! That's right, you can get 10% off all your Lovable Labels purchases. Hurry, this offer is only good until July 15 2013! 

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  1. These look great! My daughter will be starting preschool soon so we need to think about this.

  2. These are adorable. It's so important kid's items are labeled. You should see the lost and found pile at school!!!!

    1. I believe it! These labels would safe a lot of moms a lot of money!

  3. these labels are soo cute! i have to get a few of these! thanks for posting about them!

  4. My youngest granddaughter starts school this year. These would be so awesome for her. I will have to tell my daughter about it. Just might order it for her myself. Thanks for the discount code too. :)