Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pushing Past a Plateau

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I have been doing Revolt Fitness now for 11 weeks. I am way stronger, I am more confident, and people are complimenting me. Things like "I almost don't recognize you!" It is encouraging. I am always saying how much I love Revolt, and the amazing food I get to eat. I am not even really tempted to cheat! 

When ever you see results, it's easy to keep moving forward. Then you step on the scale and see the numbers are moving slower, or not at all. It might be the dreaded plateau. So now what? How can you get the scale moving again? 

Well, before you panic, ask your self these questions:

  • How long have I been at this plateau? 

It could just be hormonal. Always take that into account. Hormones can play games with our weight, but it's usually just temporary.

  • Are there any areas I have been slacking? 

Be honest. Are you getting your work outs in? Are you pushing your self durring the work out? Are you cheating a little each day? These can affect you more than you might think. Little daily cheats add up. I never realized how often I taste while I am cooking, or pick the wrong things until I started with Revolt. 

  • Am I drinking enough water?

With Revolt, we drink a full gallon of water each day. When it's hot out, and you are active the body needs more water. Try increasing your water intake. It will flush out any water your body is holding on to, and keep your metabolism operating at it's peak.

  • Are there areas I can push harder?

Maybe it's time for heavier weights, or more cardio. Maybe more circuits? Revolt has an accelerated results program where you can add more cardio if desired for this reason. 

  • Are there any substitutions I can make in my diet that can help? 

Calories are not the only part of nutrition we need to think about. Fiber, fats, carbohydrates  All of these play an important part. Look closely at the foods you are eating and change it up. 

It's important to do a bit of self examination from time to time. Some times we go too easy on our selves. We have to push to see results. It's also important to know when to ask for help and guidance. I personally think what makes Revolt so different is the level of support. Nichole Huntsman, the creator, is very involved and makes sure she is available to answer questions, get feedback and ideas, and even laugh with the Facebook group. There is a group of people battling the same things you are, and they are happy to help. 

If you haven't checked out Revolt yet, you are missing out on a wonderful, life changing program. Revolt is not only about loosing weight. It is building strength, forming good eating habits, and learning what your body can do. Try it for a week free. You will be hooked! 


  1. This sounds great! I am really needing to do more to work on losing weight. It sounds like this is working well for you.

  2. Hi, just getting to know you, but good for you. Eleven weeks is dedication, and it's good that you're doing some introspection (and sharing your advice).

  3. Just started on an exercise routine thanks for the hints

  4. This sounds very useful. I've never heard of it!