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Report First, Verify Second?

I just saw a story on Facebook that really angered me. I'm not one to usually read all the news, it's depressing. I don't look at all the trending stories, I just read the big stuff. This caught my attention though. A friend posted a local news story and I just had to read it. A local woman … [Read more...]

Win a $150 Visa Gift Card

I love purses, and change them frequently. I love being able to protect what I love, and this is a great way to add some flare at the same time! Have you ever sat your favourite purse down only to find you have sat it in mud or gum? Save your purse from dirt and germs with a Wrapurse! A Wrapurse … [Read more...]

Planning Summer Weddings

This post brought to you by HotRef Party Favors. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Me And My Handful. Summer is coming fast, and with it come summer weddings! Summer weddings can be so much fun to plan! The warm weather leads to more outside weddings, especially beach … [Read more...]

Kiss Naturals Giveaway

Who is ready for another Giveaway event? What’s more fun than beauty products? Beauty products that you can make yourself! Kiss Naturals is a brand that understands that beauty products can be just as much fun to create as they can be to use and wear, especially for little girls that want to … [Read more...]