5 Tips For Planning A Road Trip With Children

We have 5 children and a full minivan. A couple of weeks ago my husband decided that we needed to take a weekend vacation. He wants to drive 12 hours to see an airshow. 7 people in my mini van driving all day to see airplanes fly. It’s time for a road trip. Honestly, it’s not my idea of a vacation, but with 4 boys and my husband interested, it’s something we must do. Now I am left with 2 weeks to get ready for this trip.

  • Plan your stops

You can never anticipate children needing the bathroom, but you can plan stops for fuel and food. Knowing what kind of fuel mileage your vehicle has will help you stop at the right places. Search for gas prices online. Some small towns can have higher prices.

  • Pack Snacks

We all know that kids get hungry, especially when they are bored. Packing each child a container with snacks for the trip will help.  Also, be prepared that they will need more. Some great ideas are cheese strings, apple slices with peanut butter, Veggies and dip, and lots of water. Avoid juice if possible. Most kids drink it down fast and that means more frantic bathroom requests! Bake cookies and muffins to take along to help when their snack packs are done.

  • Leave Early In The Morning

I know that getting up early does not seem like a vacation, especially if you have little kids, but it’s worth it. The earlier you leave, the better. This way the kids are still sleepy and can doze off for the beginning of the trip.

  • Make A Road Trip Playlist To Listen To

Sing-alongs are loads of fun for kids and will pass the time. Ask your family what type of music they would like, and be willing to have everyone be willing to give-and-take. Yes, you might have to listen to “The Wheels Of The Bus” but if everyone has equal say, it is more manageable.  If you use a music streaming service, you may have times where you have trouble streaming. Try having music CD’s and downloads to fill those dead spots.

  • Pack Medicine And Have It Accessible

There is no way to spoil a trip like a sick child, right? Motion sickness can come to anyone, even if they have not experienced it before. Have anti-nausea medicine easily on hand. Kleenex, antihistamines and cough drops are all good to have on hand as well. Who wants to listen to coughs and sniffles the whole way?

This is just a few ideas that I have put in place in the past. What works for you family?

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