5 Ways to Teach Basic Math to Kids with Games

5 ways to teach basic math to kids with games

Parents play a big part in their children’s education, and one of those ways is through basic math and counting. Many children’s games have an object of teaching children how to recognize numbers and add them together.

You can probably remember the first games you played that required math or counting. You may think of them as boring now, but back when you were a kid they were pretty fascinating and they taught you some valuable things. You should encourage that same sense of wonder in games with your children. Try the following games and see if you don’t see joy light up in their eyes.



Monopoly is the most math-complex of any of the standard board games you find in the stores. Regardless of what you may think about the fun of this game, you can’t deny that it teaches people how to add sums of money and make change really well. Plus you get the benefits of counting dice as well. Hint: if you add the auction rules and take out the free parking money, the game goes much faster!



For simple number recognition, few games beat bingo. A caller pulls a number and the players find the number on their card. It’s an easy game, but it can give your children a big boost in recognizing one and two digit numbers. It’s also a great way to teach them simple shapes. Instead of getting a line across, try playing a game where they have to get a diamond, a cross, or even an airplane! Bingo can be altered to create more advanced methods of teaching math. Instead of drawing numbers, math bingo uses simple math problems that players have to solve. Once solved, then they mark the number down on their card. You can teach all of the basic arithmetic functions using this game. You can also find problem sets and cards to go with them for free online.

Race games


Race games are games like Parcheesi or Snakes and Ladders where players are trying to reach the end of a track. These are a bit more complicated and require players to add up the numbers on dice and count spaces on a board. Most kids can play these once they’re in the 1st grade.



Rummikub is more of a set matching game. It is derived from rummy after all. But Rummikub can also be used for number recognition. Part of the strategy is building on your opponent’s sets. Thus, this game can be used to teach kids how to count up and down the number line. This game will also give them the skills necessary to play card games.

This is just a few of the games that can be used to teach your children math. Games like Connect 4, Ticket to Ride, Hi Ho Cherry-O, and Sudoku are also great alternatives for teaching your children the math skills they need to survive in school and life. Plus, you’ll get to have a lot of fun with them as well!
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