6 Ways to Keep Your Garbage Disposal in Good Condition

6 Simple but Effective Ways to Keep Your Garbage Disposal in Good Condition

One of the best add-ons you can install in your kitchen is the garbage disposal. This device can certainly help minimise maintenance work needed for your drains as it lowers the occurrences of clogs and other drain problems. However, your garbage disposal isn’t an impeccable equipment. It’s prone to damage and malfunctions if you’re unable to observe proper upkeep. Learn the ways you can keep your garbage disposal in perfect condition with the tips provided below!

  1. Use household solutions instead of commercial chemical cleaners


Pouring chemical compounds into the garbage disposal and drains are the last thing you want to do for maintenance purposes. The majority of commercial chemical cleaners contain acidic substances that eat away the drain pipes. These products can also corrode your garbage disposal’s parts and drastically shorten its lifespan. Apart from plumbing concerns, your health can be jeopardised since inhaling fumes from the container can devastate your lungs if exposed for a long time. Even skin contact with the compound solutions can afflict chemical burns.

Although these chemical cleaners are effective for removing small obstructions and general maintenance; the negative outcomes in applying them outweighs the benefits. You can use other means to clean both your garbage disposal and drain lines. Safer alternatives like using plunging tools and pouring non-harsh cleaning mixtures are greatly recommended.     

  1. Keep it a habit to use cold water


You may be familiar with the age-old tip of using hot water to break up grease and oils that are sticking on your drain line. Things are a bit different if you have a garbage disposal installed. You should switch to using cold water since this will benefit the disposal unit more. Cool water solidifies fats, oils, and grease; which allows easier grinding for the disposal’s blades. However, you should really avoid pouring oils and grease in your drains and just separately throw these items in a proper trash can.   

  1. Make sure to reduce the sizes of large food leftovers


The sole purpose of a garbage disposal is to lower the food wastes going into the kitchen drain. However, you should make an effort to scale down the sizes of food and objects that you plan to throw. This will greatly help in reducing the stress of your garbage disposal. Plunging down large portions of food wastes will definitely clog or even damage your disposal unit; so avoid doing this.  

  1. Use your garbage disposal on a regular basis


Though it’s most likely that you will be using your disposal every day; you should still be aware that rarely using the plumbing device will impair its performance. Garbage disposals that aren’t frequently used are more prone to corrosion and blockage due to the lack of movement of its parts.

  1. Keep odours away by pouring lemon or other fragrant citrus fruits


The first thing you need to do is pour warm (not boiling) water into the opening of your disposal unit. Afterwards, you can then pour your chosen fruit extract. As an alternative, you can just let the disposal blades cut and grind the raw fruit (make sure the fruit pieces are in small sizes).  

  1. Avoid grinding fibrous foods or leftovers


6-vegetable-peelsBe sure to avoid throwing food materials like fruit peelings, celery stalks, vegetable skins, parts, etc. Your garbage disposal will have a difficult time processing these types of food wastes since these tend to wrap around the blades and machinery. It’s most likely that your disposal unit will jam due to the tangled foods. You should also avoid small nuts and seeds since these can go inside the motors and slowly destroy the machine.

This was a guest post from Katie Jones.

Katies Jones is a writer and editor at Your Neighbourhood Newtown Plumber. She has 10 years (and counting) of knowledge and relevant experience in home improvement. Katie is enthusiastic in giving home improvement and remodelling tips.

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