Picking An Affordable Vacation Spot

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It’s vacation time! Summer is always the time when it’s easiest to get away. We all want to make the most of our vacation time, and it can be easy to see all of those costs add up. This can be an easy deterrent from going away at all. There are ways to get away with out costing the price of a new home. When you are planning a getaway, it’s always important to see where you can stretch your dollar the furthest, right? The best way to get the most value for your dollar is to go somewhere where the US dollar is strong.

Addison Yacht Charters has put together a great list of summer destinations where you can get a great value for your money. Places like Russia, Spain, or a European Cruise. Each destination is recommended by experts, based on the dollar value, and prices of accommodations. Places you can make memories with out draining your bank account. We all know the value of that!

Personally, I love the value of a cruise. It’s all inclusive, you visit different places, and filled with activities for all ages. This gives Mom and Dad a break too! We are planning a European Cruise for our 25 year anniversary, and I can’t wait!

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