Thrifty Thursdays: Make your own Cloth Baby Wipes

I posted this on a different blog, and thought this fits right in with my Thrift Thursdays!Not only are cloth wipes handy if you cloth diaper, but even if you disposable diaper. Commercial wipes leave your babies skin wet because of the alcohol. This can lead to yeast infections, and irate the skin. … [Read more...]

Canon EOS Rebel Giveaway

I love photography. There is something about freezing a moment in time. Even though some see just a picture I see it all. The emotions, the memories, the smells, it can all come back from looking at a picture.Like anything, having the right tools, makes the difference. Well, here is your chance to … [Read more...]

Baby’s Firsts with Natrel Baboo

Baby's first smile, first laugh, first steps. The firsts are always exciting moments you will never forget. Even after 5 children, I still get excited with each first. I remember each first like it was yesterday, even little P's first smile, 9 years ago. There is something about a baby's first that … [Read more...]

Krill Oil Giveaway

I am a firm believer that or health habits make or break us. We live in a world that is not what it used to be. Now, our foods are processed so much, while it does protect us in some ways, it depletes the food of vital nutrients. With all of our modern conveniences, we are not as active as we used … [Read more...]

Choosing Made Simple

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine. Your home is the most important purchase you will make. We spend years with in it's walls, invest in it, and any choices we make, we are going to live with for a long time. When I bought my house, it was a mess! … [Read more...]