Avoiding Mosquito Bites

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Summer is so short. All winter we long for it, then it is finally here. The heat, the sun, and the mosquitos. Oh the mosquitos, how I hate them. No matter what I do they find me. Little things, but ever so annoying! In my area, we have a joke that mosquitos are our provincial bird! Death by mosquito bites is not an uncommon joke around here! We even have signs and t-shirts dedicated to our unofficial provincial bird.



Mosquitos are not just an annoying pest. They carry diseases that can be dangerous. Bites can swell up and become infected. Like anything else, we need to do what we can to avoid those itchy bites.

There are things you can do to avoid feeding this annoying pest of a species.

  • Stay indoors! Avoid at all cost! Well, this is not entirely practical, but there are some days that I do just want to hide during mosquito season. You can avoid being out when mosquitos are the most active
  • Wear light colored clothing. Dark clothing attracts the little blood suckers
  • Cover up. Mosquitos can get you through thin clothing, but covering up will lessen the chance of bites
  • Dump any standing water. Standing water is a mosquito’s breeding ground. Removing it helps keep the population down
  • Essential oils such as Lemongrass, Citronella, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Cedarwood can all be natural mosquito repellents
  • Avoid floral or fruity fragrances. This includes fabric softeners, hairspray, body wash and perfumes. Some people say that dryer sheets will help as a natural mosquito repellant, but nope. Not around here! They often have floral scents that just attract the little buggers!
  • Eat Garlic. Mosquitos hate it!
  • Commercial Deet products. These are really a last resort for me. I hate putting chemicals on my skin. Sometimes though, you have to do what you can to avoid being bitten.

Check out http://mosquitocurtains.com for a hole bunch of mosquito facts. Did you know for example that mosquitos kill over one million people per year world-wide? Kind of scary isn’t it.

So, how do you and your family stay bug bite free?


  1. great tips! thanks for sharing.
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  2. I love the sign, but boy do we hate mosquitos! Thanks for the great tips!
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  3. Awesome tips!! Mosquitoes sure do love me! :(
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