Bedtime Routines

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Children thrive with structure. Routines can make the difference between a happy baby and mom, and a sleep deprived family. Bed time routines are one of the best ways to keep your little ones well rested, and a well rested little one means a well rested Mommy. I learned this the hard way.

As a first time mom 10 years ago, I was just learning everything. I made mistakes and let my Little P get over tired. Then I would pay for it with my sleep. By the time I had baby #3 I had learned the value of a steady bedtime routine. With Little S, I could lay him down at bedtime and not hear a peep until morning. I was well rested, he was happy, the house was happy. I had him asleep by 7:00 PM every night. There was one essential part of my routine – using a music box.

Each night began the same. First a bath to relax him. Next cuddles while I dried him off and massaged him with lotion. Once he was all dressed, he would eat. Then it was time for him to lie down with his blanket and turn on his music box. We began using the music box so early, he associated it with sleep. It came with us everywhere!  He would even sleep in a sitting like position when we would go out! IMG_3081

Eventually, we were able to remove the music box from the routine. We made it a transition point when he was ready for a big boy bed. He was so excited to have a bed like his big brothers that he did not miss the music box at all.

One thing that I always thought about was the chemicals that are in all the baby washes. A baby’s skin is so soft, and they are so vulnerable. We choose everything for them, and they have to live with our choices. Thankfully, JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® baby products are paraben-free, dye-free and phyhalate-free. When they are used as often as I do, that is a huge relief! NaturalHTTFoamingBabyWash266


Knowing that I can use a trusted brand with out worrying about what is left on my baby’s skin is a huge relief.  Now we can all sleep soundly!


  1. I love that this is paraben-free, dye-free and phyhalate-free! I’ve always loved Johnson’ and now I love them even more! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love Johnson’s baby product I always used them when my kids were smaller they smell so good.
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