CampusBookRentals and Operation Smile

It’s time when all of the college students are gearing up for the last semester before summer. More text books to buy, more money to spend. CampusBookRentals offers students a great way to save some of that money by renting out text books. The students get to write in the text books, get free shipping both ways, and are able to save 40-90% off of their books! That is nothing to frown at. I know many students have heard about the program, but dd you know that with every text book rental a donation is made to Operation Smile?

Operation Smile Canada Logo

Operation Smile is an international children’s medical charity. They work saving lives. Since 1982, Operation Smile has provided 220,000 free surgical procedures for children and young adults in over 60 countries.  Every three minutes, a child is born with a cleft palate. Each of these children is twice as likely to die before their first birthday. Those that survive, have difficulty eating, and are often shunned. Many of these children life in areas where they are unable to afford the surgery that could save their life.

In as little as 45 minutes, surgery can make all the difference. Operation Smile has a team of medical volunteers, donates medical equipment, supplies and provides year-round medical treatment through international medical missions. Not only that, they are develop in-depth, hands-on medical education programs and have trained thousands of local healthcare professionals in low and middle income countries. It’s ongoing life saving actions, and it all starts with your help.

Imagine being able to give a child with a facial deformity a smile. Well,  you can support them by doing something as practical as saving money on textbooks. Each rented textbook is a donation to Operation Smile. Pass this on to the students in your life. You might just help give a little one a smile and a chance.

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