Can You Really Trust The Scale?

If you are a regular reader, you are aware that I am a part of Revolt Fitness, and loving it! I am now finishing of the June Uprising, and gearing up for the July Uprising. 4 More weeks of delicious food, intense work outs, great supports, and the scale moving downwards. 

Sadly, sometimes the scale is still not my friend. Some times, you can work so hard, and not see the numbers you were hoping for. You ask your self “What am I doing wrong?”
The question really is, does your scale really give you the right picture of what is going on? Can we trust those numbers? Not always. 
We all know that muscle weighs more than fat right? Well, it’s true. 

That is only half of the story though. There are many factors. Did you know that muscles can retain water following a workout? 
Yes, that’s right! We can retain water just from working our muscles. When we exercise, we actually are changing the chemical make up of you muscles. These changes prepare the muscles for more work by storing fuel for energy. Muscles replenish glycogen after a work out, and this causes water retention. Of course, this is not weight gain, but some times we mistake it for that if we are using only a scale.

Ouch if you weigh in daily. One thing I am learning about from Revolt, is the importance of letting the scale wait. Wait and let your body do the talking. Taking a combination of the scale, measurements and body fat callipers tell the true story. 

Our bodies are amazing things, so complex. If loosing weight was as simple as just eating a certain about  we would all be skinny. The way we eat, what we eat, and even when we eat all play a factor in good health. 

It’s the same with exercise. We need to break down the muscles to build them up, to get stronger. This takes time, but the results will happen if we work at it. 
Gaging our success is important, but we need to use all the tools at our disposable. If we only see half of the picture, we will be more likely to quit. 

Now for the fun part, I am happy to say I have lost 20 lb so far on Revolt. Yes, 20 lb and 6% body fat! I am eating great, and people are seeing a difference. It feels good. 

I urge you to give Revolt a try. For only $10 per month you can have access to all the recipes, the meal plan, the work outs, and a support system filled with real people. You can’t buy that in a store. With Revolt, you can work out in your own home, with equipment that is easy to find, not specialized gym equipment. You can substitute and customize your meal plan, making it your Revolt. I am always bragging on this program, and would love to see you come on board! 

I was given a complimentary membership to Revolt Fitness for the purpose of this review. No other compensation has been received. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Great visual on the muscle and fat! It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing solely on the number on the scale, rather than looking at the whole picture.

  2. I have always tried looking at the whole picture,not just the scale.I also only weigh in once a week. I did like the replica’s you showed.

  3. sometimes i dont just the scale at time because sometimes its a lie so instead i go to the doctor

  4. Scales very, clothing has different weights, just the time of day can make a huge difference. My daughter even learned that whether you weigh before or after going to the bathroom can be a one or two pound difference. Try not to get discouraged.
    Sherry Compton

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