New Canning Labels From Lovable Labels

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It is finally summer! Oh the wait was so long, but summer is finally here! For many people, that means that the gardens are planted with goodies that will be harvested. With that of course comes the canning. Delicious jams, sauces, salsas, pickles and more. There is nothing like home made products. I love when family members gift their home made goodies!  Now, Lovable Labels has you covered with a personalized canning label.

As always, you know you can count on the quality your can expect from Lovable Labels. All of the Canning Labels are dishwasher, fridge, and freezer safe. There are 3 different canning labels:

  • Jar Toppers

24 personalized round jar labels for the tops of your jars

  • Jar Labels

28 personalized rectangular labels for the jars

  • Write on Labels

48 made to be written on over and over and are completely safe to use in the fridge/freezer, microwave or dishwasher. Great for labelling home-made canned goods such as jams, jellies, baby foods, fruit and even food containers.

Each canning labels is available in 4 different designs, and is only $14.95. These are a great way to give your canning a personal touch as you fill your pantry this year. They are also a wonderful gift for that family member who gives so much of their canning every year.

Don;t forget, we have a discount code for you! Use code ChelseaLB5 of the check out for 10% off your order. There are so many wonderful products available for you to choice from.


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