#12DaysOf Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Rolls

Well, it's time to wrap it up. It's been fun, and I hope it's been as inspiring for you as it has been for me. Welcome to the last day of 12 Days of Thanksgiving! We've had a blast sharing all of these holiday posts with you. Today's post comes from me Holly at Southern Mom … [Read more...]

#12DaysOf Thanksgiving Last Minute Center Pieces

Last Minute Thanksgiving Center Piece We are almost finished with our Thanksgiving posts, and all of my blogging friends have given some great recipe ideas sure to please every crowd. With all that attention on the menu, sometimes the center piece gets forgotten! I have  come up with some last … [Read more...]

#12DaysOf Thanksgiving Stuffing Muffins

Sometimes Thanksgiving can feel like it is the same every year. The same dishes, the same routine. Why not mix it up? Looking for a new way to make an old favorite? Why not try stuffing muffins this year at your Thanksgiving table. Dina from My UnEntitled Life made these and it's a fun, easy way … [Read more...]

#12DaysOf Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

It's Day 9 time! Welcome to day 9 of 12 Days of Thanksgiving! We've had a lot of fun sharing our posts, and today's post comes from Holly of Southern Mom Loves. She has a mouth-watering recipe for a 5-minute Pumpkin Pie Milkshake so you can enjoy the taste of Pumpkin Pie without all the baking! … [Read more...]

#12Daysof Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcake Recipe

It's getting really close to Thanksgiving, and we still have lots of great ideas to share with you! Welcome to day 8 of #12Daysof Thanksgiving Recipes & Crafts! As always, we are having so much fun sharing our recipes and crafts with you this month.  Today's post comes from Debbie of … [Read more...]