The Best Mother’s Day Gift

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Mother's Day for most Moms is breakfast in bed, a day off, a day at the spa maybe. Flowers, cards chocolates, hugs, kisses, just love from the kids. For us, Mother's Day is a bit trickier. Our Sundays are always filled with church activities. We hold 2 services, plus Sunday School, and since we rent … [Read more...]

The Waiting Game

Some days I just want to cry. I try to wait patiently for all the therapies that are being offered, and all the doctors appointments, but instead I have to call and chase to get results! I have spent most of morning calling to check on the status of different referrals, and therapies.I have gotten … [Read more...]

Baby Steps

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Rant alert!!!Baby steps can be huge in a little one. I'm not talking about literal walking steps, but steps in progress and development.Take Little C, she will be 2 in just over a week, and with her delays, she is no where near where I expected she would be right now. Each time she does something … [Read more...]

Some Progess in Both Areas!

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This has been a big month in Little C's life. She has pulled her self to stand, eaten a cookie all by her self (That's the really big one for me!) and tomorrow we go see the Geneticist. This is both exciting and scary for me. We have been on the waiting list since last June, when Little C was first … [Read more...]

New Year, New Goals

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2012 was a very emotional year for me. In the spring, we received confirmation my little baby girl is disabled. That was a hard one. She was diagnosed with a Global Development Delay (A delay in more that one area) with Neurological abnormalities. We began physio and occupation therapy, gave her … [Read more...]