Teaching Tuesdays: Motivation

Every child is different. We all know it, but do we really believe it in more than just a theory?I Home School, so I have seen just how different my children's learning styles are. Litte P and Little E started Kindergarten the same year, and wow. They are so different, it is unreal. Little E learned … [Read more...]

Teaching Tuesdays: Printing

Since I am having requests, and appreciation for my teaching posts, I am going to continue this series. Last week I wrote about pre-reading, this week: Printing letters.So, how do you teach a skill that you don't even have to think about how to do?Wait until your child is ready. The most important … [Read more...]

Teaching Pre-Readers

I am a home schooling mom and proud of it. We decided to home school before our oldest was born. Since I knew that I was responsible for all the teaching, I made decisions early on to have early exposer to educational toys and programs. I figured that the more the kids absorbed from … [Read more...]

Home School Success

When I began home schooling, I knew it was going to be hard work. I knew it was the best choice for my family, but even now 4 years later, I still get surprised at my children's success.This week, we had a success that I can't stop talking about.......My 4 year old son can read.When I started … [Read more...]

Snow Days

Living in Winnipeg, snow storms are common. Even in the month of May. The last few years we have been fortunate. There haven't really been any major blizzards. This year, so far, we have had 2 major snow falls. Not quite shut the city down blizzards, but pretty nasty weather. This year I was facing … [Read more...]