Let Out Your Diva With Divatress

This is a sponsored post for Divatress. All opinions are mine There is something about hair that just completes a look. It can leave you feeling beautiful at any time. Sadly, there are some times when our hair just isn't what we need it to be. It might be damaged and thin making it difficult to get … [Read more...]

DIY Kids Easter Bouquet

DIY Kids Easter Bouquet If you have children, you know how expensive making up Easter baskets can be. Well, I decided to try something a little different: An Easter Bouquet. Each of the items needed can be bought at your local dollar store, and you can customise it however you like! I made mine … [Read more...]

First Signs of Pregnancy

First Signs of Pregnancy There are many signs of pregnancy and it varies from woman to woman. Whether we’re trying to get pregnant or on birth control, it is important that we know the first signs of pregnancy. Although each pregnancy is different, these signs happen to almost all pregnant … [Read more...]

10 Must-Have Items for your Backyard

10 Must-have items for your backyard   The great thing about backyard is that you can literally do anything with it. If you wish, you can construct a big pool and invite all your friends. You are able to plant several different species and enjoy flowers during the summer. Also, you can … [Read more...]

Finding A New Home

Disclosure: This post contains sponsored content. All opinions are my own. Buying a home is no easy task. It is one of the most important decisions that you can make, and it's one that few make lightly. There are so many factors to consider, but it usually boils down to budget. Price can make or … [Read more...]