Veggie Pizza #12DaysOf Healthy Living

Are you enjoying our Healthy Living posts? My blogger friends and I have been hard at work coming up with ideas to give you a healthy year. Now it is time for Day 9 of 12 Days of Healthy Living Ideas! Today's recipe for those of you that love pizza but prefer not take in the extra calories. On … [Read more...]

Peaches and Cream Recipe #12DaysOf Healthy Living

It's time for another great heathy living recipe! Peaches and Cream Welcome to day 7 of our 12 Days of Healthy recipes. Today Just Plum Crazy is sharing a healthy Peaches and Cream recipe that is made with Greek Yogurt and frozen peaches. It's an easy and filling snack or dessert and is a … [Read more...]

#12DayOf Heathy Living Ideas Super Peanut Butter Smoothie

We are continuing with our 12 days of healthy living, and we have a real treat for you today! As we start a new year, are you looking to find a new YOU? Well, as we share our 12 Days of Healthy Recipes and Tips, I hope that helps YOU on your journey. One way I truly believe helps me make … [Read more...]

Zucchini Pizza #12DaysOf Healthy Living Ideas

Do you love pizza? It is hard to life healthy and still enjoy good food we all crave. Today we have a blogger who has found a way! Even if you aren't on a diet in 2016 - it's still very important to cut back on sugars and carbs. But who wants to give up pizza? It's so good but it is loaded with … [Read more...]

#12DaysOf Healthy Living Ideas Southwest Hummus

    It's time for more healthy living ideas. Today we have a recipe you can use to boost your protein intake, and it looks delicious! I know I want to try it! When you're hungry for a quick snack do you head for the easiest thing like chips or sweets? This Southwest Hummus … [Read more...]