Mia Mariu Review and Giveaway

I have really sensitive skin. When I say sensitive, I mean eczema flair ups that can get painful. Not Fun. I have suffered for years, some time painfully  Before I had children, I just spent money on my self, after all, that's whet it is there for, right? After children, my priorities changes, and I … [Read more...]

Boba 3G Review

I have been interested in baby wearing for a long time, but have never found a carrier that works for me. My lovely sister-in-law has made me a ring sling, wrap, and Mei-Tai. None of them were very comfortable for me. So much work, and I was always tired by the end. With Little C's disabilities, she … [Read more...]

Chronicles iOS App Review

Time. We all have the same amount in a day, yet some appear to have more in a day. It's all about how you manage it. How do you really spend your time? Have you ever though about how long you spend driving around each day? Or how long your children spend watching TV? So much can be learned from … [Read more...]

Mogo Sport Mouth Gaurd Review

Having 4 active boys means that I often here crashes followed by tears. Boys are rough. They play rough, they run rough, they like rough. Is it any surprise they love rough sports?My boys are hockey nuts. Their walls are covered with hockey. The back yard, hockey. Hockey is a rough sport though. … [Read more...]

Hairy Scary Spider Review

I love reading. Reading to my children is an added pleasure that words can't describe. Now, I have 2 children that can read on their own, and 2 more just learning. There is nothing like seeing your little one begin to read on their own. I am always on the look out for books for my children, after … [Read more...]