Chilling Anti Drunk Driving Ads

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Drinking a Driving a danger we all know of, and yet it still happens all around us. We all know the dangers. We see the statistics, and yet every day, people drink, and get behind the wheel, making them self a weapon. When you drink and get behind the wheel, you are not the same person that you are normally behind the wheel, even if you think you are.

Anti Drunk Driving ads are everywhere. It can be easy to tune the ads out. We get used to seeing them and they become background. Maybe sometimes we should be paying attention. Some of the ads are really good at getting the point across. A point that so many people are missing every day.


Drunk Driving affects us all. It costs the United States $199 billion each year. On average, 2 out of 3 people will be in a drunk driving accident in their lifetime. The statistics are really scary.

Check out and see the top ten anti-drunk driving ads. They are really chilling, and really make you think. Is it really worth the risk?

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