#12DaysOf Christmas Confetti Cookies

Day 8 of Christmas Baking & Cooking Up!

December is always a great time to do family baking, and my blogger friends and I are making sure you have tons of new recipes to try! These cookies look like a fun one to make with the kiddos.

Confetti Cookies
Make them with Your Family!

Confettie-Cookies recipe

What a blast it is to try new things every holiday! Our way of celebrating each Christmas is to bake different cookies. And we do it in a gathering of family and friends. Whoever is available – comes to the cookie-baking party.

We’d love to invite you to attempt these very easily baked Confetti Cookies by Celebrate Woman Today. This recipe can be adjusted for Gluten Free cookie munchers by a simple substitution for gluten-free flour.

Sending you all our Holiday Wishes for Happiness and Joy! They come in small bundles, like these Confetti Cookies!

Look What You Can Be Cooking This Season!


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