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In the past 8 months, I have lost almost 50 lb by following the Revolt Fitness diet and exercise program. I have learned so much, and have made mistakes along the way. I still want to loose another 15-20 lbs, but I am thrilled my progress. People around my have been inspired, and I have watched people close to me jump on board having success of their own.

Now, with the holidays, I had my hardest test. So many gatherings, so much food. Sadly, I indulged more than I thought I would. Now I feel bloated, and over all……well……the only way to explain it is Blech!

I know many people this time of year fall short of their own expectations when it comes to self control, and indulgence. Then begins the self loathing and guilt. “Oh why did I eat so much!”

This is the difference between a “diet” and  a lifestyle. A diet has failures. A diet has restrictions. A diet has rules.

A lifestyle is flexible. A lifestyle means that you will fall, but it’s ok. You can get back up. This has been my biggest lesson over these last few months. I will not view my lifestyle as a diet. It breaks my heart when my kids say “Mom can’t eat that, so is on a diet.”

Wit the holidays ending, most of us are planning our New Year’s Resolutions, and trying to have a plan to start in the New Year. My goal this year is to fully change my thinking. Healthy eating and exercise is a lifestyle. I am not on a diet, I am living a healthier life to have a healthier me. I want to teach my children about the reason behind the decisions. To be a better example to them, and I invite you to do the same!


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss and your willingness to stick it out through the tough times. I know how that is! I’ve never heard of Revolt, so I am going to have to check them out.
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