DIY Spring Center Pieces

It’s time to get rid of the winter decor, and get ready for Spring! While it might still be winter outside, we can start thinking warm thoughts inside.



There are so many options for spring center pieces, and you can often use what you have in your home! If you don’t have what you need, try the dollar store. They have tons of vases, silk flowers, decorative stones, and more. Let your imagination be your guide. There really is no wrong in home decor.

Tea Pot Flower Pot

Place a flower pot inside one of your tea pots. This looks great with both real and artificial flowers. It is that simple.

Untitled design (1)

Tea Cup Planter

Spring is a great time to take cuttings from your plants. Give those cuttings a temporary home in a cute coffee or tea cup. Place some rocks at the bottom of the cup for drainage, add a bit of potting soil, and your cutting for a cute unique center piece. DSCF5249

Glass Bottles

Repurpose glass bottles. They make a great home for fern clippings or silk flowers.




    soooo pretty! thank you for the wonderful ideas!

  2. Lori Thomas says:

    Neat ideas and like that you recycle things

  3. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I’ll be looking at odd containers, cups, and teapots differently. I am so ready for Spring decorating.

  4. This is a great craft. I like the center piece that utilizes the repurposed glass bottles, Thank you for sharing this craft.

  5. Chrystal Thurston

    I wish I could but I have an 85 lb lab/chow mix and a 55 lb full blooded lad and that wild and crazy tail that comes with her. Plus in our home we don’t use a dinning room table only a coffee table, one of these wouldn’t last 10 seconds! LOL

  6. Tonya Sturgill says:

    Great way to recycle, and and color to my table. Thank You!

  7. These are great even for small budgets!

  8. These are so pretty!

  9. Priscilla S. says:

    The teapot centerpiece would be really cute in the middle of a breakfast table.

  10. I especially like the espresso cup idea, we have quite a few extra expresso/latte cups that we could use. It’d make a nice little housewarming gift as well.

  11. wendi watson says:

    i try to use the same things for decorating and i love to decorate mason jars as well! thanks

  12. Very pretty. I’m so tired of winter. These add a nice pop of color. A cheery feel to any room.

  13. Nickie Busco says:

    I wouldve never thpught to put plants in stuff that I have around my house and use them az centerpieces!!!!

  14. Rebecca Carter

    These are cute!

  15. Georgia Beckman

    Love the teacup planter! And the teapot planter would be great for my friend that collects teapots.

  16. Betty Baez says:

    Neat! Now I’ll be on the look out for a pretty teapot!

  17. A simple way to display flowers!

  18. Kim Henrichs

    I love the idea of using a teapot!! I have some old ones from my mother that would be perfect for this.

  19. Farrah King

    This is sooooo cute! Love the Springtime ideas!

  20. Stacy Harrington Calhoun says:

    this is awesome ideas. I have somewhat of a green thumb, and would like more live plants in my house if i can keep my cat out of them,

  21. Kimberly Flickinger – I love these – very creative! Thank you for posting!

  22. Paula Morgan

    Love the idea of using a teapot as a small planter!! What a sweet way to liven up the dining table.

  23. Tamra Phelps

    I like the clear bottles best: maybe with a single sunflower, etc.

  24. Wendy Arnott says:

    neat ideas, using a tea pot for a flower shop bouquet would be a great idea too.. real flowers!

  25. sandy weinstein

    great ideas, i have even used old boots in my garden for pots and old metal wheel rims

  26. It’s the first day of spring! These are some great ideas!! 🙂
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  27. Peggy Johnson says:

    I love the idea of using tea pots for flowers.

  28. I love all these ideas, I would of never thought of using a teapot for flowers!
    Minta Boggs recently posted..Frozen DVD Giveaway!My Profile

  29. Love your choices for the “vases” . You gave me some great ideas.

  30. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    I Love These Center Piece Ideas! The Tea Pot Is My Favorite, Very Creative!

  31. I have long collected interesting pieces and often use them as centerpieces or other inspirational decoration! Thanks for spreading the ideas!

  32. I am so happy spring is finally here!

  33. Cute. Love that first teapot shown

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  35. Cheryl Reinhardt

    Yes, making centerpieces can be fun especially when you recycle and use what you already have for a container. Nice pic’s.

  36. So easy and unique! Love em!
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  37. These are a beautiful way to recycle!

  38. Stacy Giacosa-Bauer

    These are such good ideas for Spring! I love making centerpieces and love your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  39. very pretty. thanks for sharing. This would go perfect for any occasion.

  40. Lily Kwan says:

    These spring centerpieces look very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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