Driving safe During The Holidays

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Drinking and Driving is an epidemic that claims far too many lives each year. We know the law. We know as a society that it is wrong, yet every day, people make that choice to drive when they really shouldn’t. We know the consequences. We can loose our ability to drive, or even our vehicle. We might even loose our life.

The saddest part of this problem is that it is not only the guilty party that looses a life. Innocent people going about their day, unaware of the danger ahead are affected. Many lives are affected all because of one person’s decision to take a gamble. For every death attributed to drunk driving, families are torn apart. Children are ripped of their parents. Parents are forced to burry their child. And it is all preventable.

The holiday season is approaching, and that brings holiday gatherings. Many of these gatherings will serve alcohol, and we need to be prepared. There are so many options available to keep our roads safe. Plan for a different way home, like calling a cab. Car pool with someone who can be a designated driver.  The easiest option of course, is to just not drink. If you drive somewhere, you have made a decision to drive a potential weapon. Be responsible with it. Every sip of alcohol is impairing your judgment. Keep this in mind. It is not easy to judge for our selves if we are safe to operate a vehicle. There are many factors that can impact our body’s effect to alcohol, things like age and weight. There are ways to check if it is safe for you to be on the road, however, it is a educated guess. Not a science.

Don’t become a statistic. Don’t take a chance that you are ok to drive. The lives affected are not just your own.

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