Easter Gift Basket Ideas

Gift Basket Ideas That Are as Unique as the Recipient

Gift baskets are a thoughtful way to let someone know you’re thinking about them, especially at the holidays or if the recipient is someone you care about who’s far away. You can go the traditional route and pick something generic at a local shop or be unique and tailor the basket to the person, either by making the basket yourself or shopping through a specialty gift basket company. With Spring in the air, now is a great time to think about what the Easter Bunny might deliver to someone in your life. If you’re stuck for ideas and don’t want to be basic, here are some suggestions.

Be Sweet

Usually, when you think of gift baskets, you think of sweets. If you have the time and the talent, homemade chocolates and cookies are always welcome. However, businesses like Sweetbasket Gift Baskets and other companies pack beautiful selections into reusable baskets that contain fine-quality chocolates, gourmet specialty items and other goodies that go beyond basic chocolate bars and bunnies. The typical offerings are geared more toward the kids, especially at Easter, but there are some nice options at every price range for everyone from coffee lovers to wine aficionados.

Go Seasonal

Gifts baskets are a convenient choice when it comes to holiday gift-giving. There are many companies that do nothing but holiday-themed gift baskets, even for obscure holidays or made-up holidays, like Festivus. These are also an easy choice when you need something last-minute to remember that far-away brother-in-law or for holiday work parties. Got a movie buff in the family? How about a basket with movies specific to the holiday and some movie snack favorites?

However, seasonal doesn’t just mean holidays. You can put together a planter’s basket for Spring that includes gardening gloves, seed packets and small gardening tools. A little brain-storming will allow you to come up with something similar for other seasons.  They also can be tailored to suit adults or children.

Go Practical

Easter isn’t traditionally a time to be practical, but there are exceptions, like when someone is sick or away from home. Besides, you can always add some chocolates or something that’s spiritually inspired. Practical needn’t be boring, either, if you have the imagination to do it right. Gift baskets that provide essentials, like sending a care package to a child who’s at college or a friend who’s feeling under the weather, are always appreciated by the recipient any time of year.

There are pre-made baskets of this type available, but the contents are usually pretty generic and sparse. These gifts are the ones that mean more if you hand-select the items yourself or combine them with store-bought comforts. For example, you can purchase over the counter cold medicines, soft linen handkerchiefs and puzzle books for someone who’s bedridden with a cold. Or you can put together assorted teas, mini-books with inspirational reading selections and a few self-care items for someone who’s going through a rough time.

Get Personal

These type of gift baskets are best for those closest to you, and they’re always more meaningful if they’re entirely made by you. You know the person you’re giving it to better than anyone. So you can take the time to hand-select or hand-craft every item. However, unless you’re sure of the reception that your gift will receive, it’s better not to go too personal.   Especially if you need a gift basket for a work function or an occasion like a baby shower for a non-relative. These are also a good option for couples celebrating a milestone or to say “I’m sorry” to someone you love.

Ordering gift baskets online is easy, and there is a theme for almost any taste, lifestyle, or occasion. Whether your birthday basket is going across town or you need to send Easter gift baskets in Canada and US, make sure that you know the shipping terms and timeline so that you can place your order to deliver by the right date. Most companies supply this information on their website or include a contact interface to get more information.

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