Effexor and major depressive disorder

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Effexor and major depressive disorder

Based on data provided by World Health Organization, number of people suffering from depression has greatly increased in last few decades. At first glance, this looks like a very bad sign. However, these results are not necessarily precise. In other words, we didn’t know what depression is until recently. Many people believed that this is a state which affects everyone and that it is normal to be depressed from time to time. As we got more accustomed and aware of this illness, now we realize that this is something that needs to be treated at any cost. As a result, more and more people are seeking medical assistance.

Although we have progressed in understanding this disease, there are still individuals who believe that depression is an issue which can be dealt with through sheer force of will. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. This sickness affects neurotransmitters in our brain, altering our behavior. In most cases, patients are people who have damaged tissue or genetic predisposition for developing illness. So, as you can see, it isn’t something that can easily be resolved. Instead, patient requires psychotherapy and use of medication. If you buy Effexor online, you are able to treat most of the symptoms of this disease.

Depression can be described as feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. Patient becomes unable to cope with reality as his perception of things becomes gloomy, dark and sad. He believes that future brings only bad things and that there is no point in fighting for anything. These symptoms, together with lack of concentration, will bring negative results at school and at work. Person loses interest for things that were previously appealing. Also, he will lose interest to fulfil his basic needs. Thus, his weight may change as well as libido. Naturally, loss of libido and impotency will lead to deterioration of relationship with partner.

As previously mentioned, this condition is deeply rooted in one’s organisms. In most cases, parents will transfer faulty gene to their child which can lead to development of disorder. Even though they suffered from some other mental illness, there is still a chance for their child to suffer from depression. There are numerous things that can trigger this state: loss of loved one, loss of job, loss of home, it can appear after prolonged use of narcotics or alcohol, it can be result of some other social episode which has shaken individual’s confidence.  

Use of drugs is one of the best things for eliminating symptoms. However, medicines are still unable to resolve basic problem which affects person. For that, therapy is required. Nevertheless, by using Effexor, you are able to regulate serotonin in your brain and restore natural balance. Have in mind that drugs needs to be taken for at least 4 weeks until improvement is noticed. It is taken with food, at the same time of the day. Person who is taking medicine will have to check blood pressure regularly. Patients who have narrow-angle glaucoma and those who are treated with methylene blue injection should avoid this drug.

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