Enter To Win A Prize Pack From EZ-Cup

Enter To Win A Prize Pack From EZ-Cup (Refillable KCups)!

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Who else needs their morning cup of coffee before they do anything else? I am for sure one of those people. I even get up before the kids just so I can have my first hot cup of coffee in peace. The kids and I are both grateful for those 5 minutes I get to spend alone LOL! If you are a coffee drinker like me, you make be using a Keurig too. And if you are, I have an awesome tip for you that is going to save you money and help you enjoy any coffee you want in your Keurig. EZ-Cup makes reusable k-cups! (Yes really!). You just fill them up with your favourite coffee and enjoy. After you are done you dispose of the filter and use your EZ-cup again the next time! It’s better for the environment AND your wallet!

Here are some of the great things to love from Ez-Cup


The least-expensive refillable capsule, the Eco-Flow single is an ideal introduction to Perfect Pod reusable coffee capsules. It also offers a super-affordable way for you to experience your first taste of the coffee of your choice on your Keurig machine without being locked into the limited options of single-use pods.


The EZ-Scoop is an ingenious device that lets you dispense exactly the desired amount of coffee into your Perfect Pod capsule the very first time, and every time you use it. And because the EZ-Scoop remains closed during operation, there is never any mess to clean up. Just scoop, flip, and dispense your coffee grounds into the refillable capsule.

EZ-Cup Filter

Perfect Pod offers convenient refill packs of 50 filters for its EZ-Cup coffee capsules. The EZ-Cup filter’s special paper traps much of the coffee’s natural oils, delivering a very smooth flavour. And since you just throw the filter away after use, there’s very little mess or contamination to contend with.

Do you like to grind up your own coffee beans and enjoy fresh coffee? Now you can enjoy any type of coffee you want. Plus you are saving the environment when you use the EZ-Cup.

Perfect Pod products are sold by most of the top retail outlets in the country.

How awesome do those products sound!? Are you ready for an awesome giveaway for some of the products mentioned above? Enter using the form below and good luck!

Enter to win an EZ Cup (Refillable KCup) Prize Pack:

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  1. I like vanilla flavored coffee.

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