Trying Out The Fidget Spinner

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The Fidget Spinner, Are They Worth It?

The latest gadget that all the kids want these days is the Fidget Spinner. Fidget Spinners are advertised to be an aid to help kids focus and relax and have huge success with children with Autism and ADHD especially. Even with all the hype and reported benefits, there are concerns about kids bringing them into the classrooms.  I decided to pick some up for my kids to see what the fuss was about. I mean really, kids have survived for thousands of years without them, right?

What Are Fidget Spinners?

Basically, a fidget spinner is a toy that is designed for stress relief. It is a spinner with a bearing in the centre. They come in different materials designs and colours. The advertising claim is that it can help people who have trouble focusing, acting as a release of that nervous energy.


The Testers

We have 4 boys, each with totally different quirks. My oldest is very quirky and socially awkward. I am always reminding him to stop putting his fingers near his mouth. He bites his nails and pulls at his shirt. He always needs to be moving something. Nervous energy just flows from this kid.

Boy number two is always thinking too hard, and there for stressed. He is a book worm, and also very active. He loves to bike and climb and is already planning to be on American Ninja Warrior.

Boy number 3 is the quiet sensitive type. He hates to read and is the first to notice when someone around him is upset.

Then there is the youngest. He is your typical loud, rough and tough little guy. You have a tree? He will climb it! With all these different personalities, this is a good way to see what the fuss is about.

Initial Impressions

Well, withing minutes of trying them out, all 4 of my boys admitted they were hooked. Minutes and they say they are addictive. Ok, kids. I think you are exaggerating just a tad. Boy 2 has already been so busy with his that I have had to take it away so he can do what he was asked.  So I can see how these in the classroom would be a problem in schools. After just 2 days. Granted, it was only a problem with one out of four, but if 25% of kids in the classroom are more focused on having their spinner thank listening this can be a huge problem. So I have to side with the teachers there.

There are advantages, and disadvantages to letting kids have Fidget Spinners, but like everything else, kids need boundaries and structure. There is a time and a place. For example, we have no spinners at the table, or during school. We do not allow them to take them to their rooms at bedtime. I have noticed an improvement is my oldest nervous energy, so I can see the value, and plan to keep watching for improvements.

If you want to find a Fidget Spinners for your kids, Amazon is a great place to look. They have a huge variety in all sorts of price points!

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