I Find My Self a Helicopter Mom

I Am A New Kind Of Mom Rant

It’s been quiet here for a bit and I would like to give you an update, as well as rant and vent a bit. While Little C has made some huge leaps in her development, we also have had a major setback.  She has had a seizure. A full out, grand mal, blue lips, shaking body seizure. No fever, no infection, no fall before it. No warning and no explanations yet. We are waiting for tests yet again. Again we have to wait and watch for more. So now I have become a “Helicopter Mom.” This is something I never expected and still have to adjust to.

My husband thinks I am over reacting but humours me. I might be overreacting, but then again, what if I am not? We had no warnings about this one coming, so how can I be sure that she won’t have another one?I went and bought a video baby monitor that records……..for my 6-year-old. Here I was having not used any baby monitors for years because I saw no need, and I rushed out to spend money to watch my little sweetie sleep. I check the video every morning. I am watching her even closer than before. The doctors say she might be having them at night while she sleeps, so I watch the monitor looking at my restless baby girl and wonder. I have eyes on her all the time, and if she looks unbalanced for even a moment, I am there. When she stares off into space, I am looking for her response. I am a helicopter mom and I hate it. I am a tired mom.

Before I had Little C, I always considered myself pretty balanced as a mom. With 4 boys, I have watched from a distance, put a stop to some of the crazy boy stuff, and held back other times. Boys really are crazy! Kids need to try, to fall and skin their knees. It’s good to play in the dirt, and climb trees. Well, now I am a new kind of mom. I let the boys be boys, and watch my girl like a hawk. This is a huge adjustment for me. and I am not sure how to take it.

Well, that’s my rant, and update on where I have been. So far, it has bee a few weeks with nothing, so we keep waiting as life goes on.

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