Finding Time For Your Self

To every mom who is tired from being up at night, to every mom struggling to keep up with the housework. Every one of us ladies who is juggling work and home life, I applaud you all! We all do what we can for our families. Most of us sacrifice for our families in many ways. Well, today I say to you, enjoy a cup of coffee!

Two teenage boys, one tween boy, one boy and one girl equals a busy house! Busy and noisy. Some days I have heard so much about Minecraft that my head is spinning. “Mom, can you see this world I created?” Other days, it is all about the hockey. Then there are the toys, and crafts supplies scattered through the house!

Do you ever feel like you want to hide from your children? It’s not that you don’t love them. It’s not even feeling overwhelmed. It is needing a recharge. A time that is not about taking care of others. A time for you. Don’t feel guilty for wanting it. We NEED IT. How can we take care of others when we are not taking care of our own needs?

It is the little things. Things like having A place to call your own. A quiet place to have some tea and curl up with a good book. Paint your nails, or watch a chick flick and cry a good cry without fear of judgment. Don’t feel bad. Don’t feel guilty. Take that time for you. Let the housework wait. Tell the kids to go watch a movie so you can take a moment. It will reenergize you more than you think it will.

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