Get Medication Free Fever Relief With Be Koool Gel Sheets

Get Medication Free Fever Relief With Be Koool Gel Sheets


When your child is sick, it changes everything. Every mother knows the feeling of watching over their little ones this time of year. The sleepless nights, the fever and chills. It is no picnic. So what is a mother to do? BeKoool Kids is there to help.

I am not one to medicate my kids unless absolutely necessary, so when a fever hits in our house, we try to keep the kids comfortable without using a fever-reducing medication. Cold cloths are hard to keep on a little one, and cool baths can only be done so often. That’s where BeKoool Kids are saving the day!

BeKoool Kids are non-medicated, single-use cooling gel sheets specially formulated for kids to provide immediate cooling relief from fever discomfort.  They are doctor recommended which is a win in my book. The gel sheets give immidiate cooling relief, and stay that way for 8 hours of comfort. Plus they are so easy to use! Simply remove the film from the back and place on the desired location. That’s it! BeKoool gel strips can be cut to size, so they are great no matter how small your little one is. Fun designs help little ones be willing to wear them. img_6083Our little girlie loves them, and having your child like something you are getting them to wear makes a mom’s life much simpler, especially when kids are not feeling at their best.  Simple is good. 


See where you can buy your BeKoool Kids here and be ready for whenever those late night fevers hit.



  1. Cheryl Everitt says:

    BeKoool is an awesome product to have around. We have stayed up late many a night with feverish grandkids. Thank you.

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