Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies

This time of year every one I know is battling the same annoyance in their homes: fruit flies. These annoying pests are everywhere in my home, and driving me MAD! I can’t really feel lie my home is clean when fruit flies are every where.

Thankfully, I know a sure way to get rid of them for good. Well, until next year at least!

First thing is first, while you are trying to eliminate the fruit flies, keep your fruit enclosed. You want the fruit flies to take the bait, not live on your fruit.

Next, give your kitchen and bathroom a good clean, including your drains.

Ok, now you are ready to set some traps. First, put apple cider vinegar and some juice in a bowl. Any type of fruit juice will work. Some people put a drop of dish soap in as well. I don’t find this to be necessary, but some people find it helps.20131002-165514.jpg

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap.20131002-165522.jpg

Now poke tiny holes with a fork or knife. You want the holes to be small enough that the fruit flies can get in, but not find their way out.

20131002-165530.jpgNow leave it out over night. When you look in the morning, you should see several fruit flies floating in the bowl. Leave out 2-3 days. If you still have a problem, start a new bowl. If you have a big home, or several problem areas, placing 2 traps will speed up the process. Continue the process until all your fruit flies are gone. It’s that easy!



  1. I hate when those things wander home with me from the store
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  2. We have had a problem with fruit flies lately. Thanks for the tips.
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