Global Developmental Delay Awareness Day

My youngest daughter has Global Developmental Delay. This simply means she is delayed in more than 1 area. In Little C’s case, she is battling neurological abnormalities, speech delays, fine motor delays, gross motor delays, cognitive delays, vision struggles and more. Every day is different.


At least 8% of all children from birth to six years have developmental problems and delays in one or more areas of development. People notice these delays, and sometimes miss the strengths. In Little C’s case, she is able to make everyone love her. She is so social, she is able to wrap the world around her little fingers. It is so sweet to watch her work.

May 1 is Global Developmental Delay Awareness Day. For May 1, we will be wearing yellow, to show our love and support for our little angel. There are so many causes that people get behind, and days to wear colors to show support. Global Developmental Delay is an invisible disability that is not well known. Please help raise awareness and wear yellow on May 1st.


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