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If you have been here for a while, you now that my parenting style is all about teaching my children to be responsible well adjusted adults. My children help out around the house, they do not receive an allowance, and they are happy polite children. That doesn’t mean they don’t have fun, or get to be kids, it just means that I set the boundaries.

I see far too many children with their eyes glued to their mobile devices for hours at a time. It is amazing. Recent estimates are that the average child spends 50 hours per week in front of screens. That is unreal! My older boys have tablets of their own, and I do allow the younger ones time on my iPad, but it is a privilege, and I make them earn it. I love the educational value of so many apps, but I don’t want my children glued to an iPad like a mindless zombie! The older boys have to read one chapter in a book for 15 free minutes on their device. In such a busy house, it gets very difficult to enforce my time restrictions though. Those 15 minutes can easily overlap chores, and meals if I am not careful. That is just one of the reasons I love OurPact.


The Basics

OurPact is an easy to use iOS application that helps guide families in their mobile device usage. OurPact was created after conducting hundreds of hours of research with child professionals and then teaming up with parents and industry experts. First you download the app on you child’s device. You can set up a profile for your children and can set scheduled access. It gives parents the ability to easily guide a child’s mobile usage.


Why You Will Love It

  • Easy to install, and easy to use
  • Free to install
  • Schedule Internet and App use according to your child’s daily routine, and for the weekdays or weekend.
  • Set the number of hours your children spend on the Internet and within Apps
  • Block Internet and Apps
  • Allow Website and App access, whenever you feel your child “needs more time”
  • Block all apps (eg. Facebook, SnapChat, Intagram, Twitter, etc.) as you see fit
  • Recommendations for the best Internet and App blocking schedules for your child’s specific age

Get It

OurPact is a free download available on iTunes. If you use an android, you can sign up for an email notification when the app is ready.

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