Healing With Hazelwood and a 10% Discount

I want to do what ever I can do help my children be as happy and healthy as possible. For me that includes looking for natural solutions for common ailments.
My daughter has suffered from sensitive skin since she was born. She also has indigestion. Watching her suffer is so painful for me. There is nothing like watching your child in pain when you can do nothing.
Thankfully, there is a natural solution that is as easy as wearing a necklace. Hazelwood jewelry is already helping her.



Hazelaid was born when our family was introduced to the amazing healing properties of hazelwood jewelry from Quebec. Made with pieces of wood from the hazelnut plant, this jewelry has the unique property of healing acid-related illnesses when in contact with the skin. This was life-altering for our youngest daughter who struggled with severe eczema. We launched our little online store in April of 2008, shipping just a few styles of hazelwood jewelry out of Portland, Oregon and helping to first introduce hazelwood to the U.S. market. Later we moved our family and operations to Montreal, and today we carry over 700 styles, colors, and sizes of therapeutic jewelry, including Baltic amber and magnetic therapy jewelry.


My daughter lover wearing jewelry, and the Hazelaid necklace offers her not only relief from her symptoms, but it looks great! It is believed that he hazelwood absorbs the acidity in the body that causes a variety of ailments. By creating a alkaline environment in your body, you can treat eczema, heartburn, ulcers, acid reflux, heartburn, and teething pain.


In the short time since my daughter has began wearing her Hazelwood necklace, I have already seen her skin clear up. We are still waiting on an update on her digestion issues, but I do see an improvement in her over all demeanor, which I take to mean that she is feeling better.

Hazelaid is offering a 10% discount on all of their products to our readers. They offer hazelwood, baltic amber, and magnetic jewelry to help with all kinds of ailments. Just use code meandmyhandful10 at the checkout. 


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