Heatless Curls For Your Little One


Little C has such fine hair. Being the only girl, I am always dressing her up, and having fun with her hair. She is so curious, and loves to be pretty. There is no way I could ever bring a curling iron near her hair with out burning her curious little fingers!

I have the solution perfect for fine baby hair! The added bonus is you get hair styles for 2 days.

Step one: Start with wet hair


Next, gather the hair into tight pig or pony tails. I use pig tails for Little C because I can gather more hair. You can make as many pony tails as you want.


Next, you want to make a tight bun by twisting the hair around it self.


Secure the bun with elastics. You want it to be tight. I like to spray each bun with hair spray for extra hold. I have fun with this look. I call them “Nubbins.” Day one:


Leave the buns in over night. When you remove the buns the next day you will have tight curls.




  1. Adorable! I loved doing things like this when my girls were little.

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