How To Maximize Your Baby Registry

How To Maximize Your Baby Registry

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If you are a new expecting parent, everything can seem overwhelming. From diapers to baby advice to baby registries, there is conflicting advice everywhere about how to best raise and nourish your baby. Luckily for you, we have decided to clarify the mystery that is the baby registry. Hey, people want to buy your baby stuff! Where’s the disadvantage in that?

Put Gift Cards On Your Registries

Gift cards used to be a no-no for American gift givers, but these hard economic times have made us less picky about them. Plus, they have several advantages over the purchase of an actual gift-givers can decide what amount they are comfortable with giving, and parents can choose what to purchase with their gift cards (most likely – it will be diapers). There are also great ways to maximize gift cards at other partner stores that will net you excellent savings.

Bring On The Goody Bags And Perks

Many stores, like Target, will offer goody bags full of product samples and coupons, just for creating a baby registry. Don’t just sign up for the registry, though – sign up for whatever rewards programs the store offers. Chances are, you will be using the same store for the next few years for diapers, anyway. The Savvy Bump lists a bunch of stores with baby registries and the perks they offer. Buy Buy Baby also has a referral program, that will give you a $25 off any $100 in-store purchase when you get other people to sign up for a registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond or Buy Buy Baby.

Put Only Stuff You Need On Your Baby Registry

Let go of putting on every single baby book you think is cute on your baby registry. You will get that book eventually at a birthday party or for Christmas. Your baby registry should be solely focused on the practical, because let’s face it, the practical stuff is more expensive anyway. Grandparents and relatives will be clamoring to help you purchase the big stuff like cribs and strollers. Do your research, and find the stuff that fits for your family. No, you do not need a wipe warmer or a bottle warmer. Your kid will be fine without all that extra stuff. We swear. Use a baby registry checklist to start, and leave off the items that are not right for your family.

Include Items For Your Baby As They Age

Your baby will not be a newborn for very long, and you will be shocked at how quickly they grow out of the cute onesie. So be sure to include items for each stage of growth, like potty seats and high chairs.

Don’t Forget The Thank You Cards

Assign a close friend or relative to create and track a list of what guests have given you for your baby. Be polite, and when writing out your cards, be sure to include a sentence or two about what you plan to do with the gift you have been given.

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