The Importance Of Chores

When I was growing up my mom cleaned my room, I was asked to do dishes, but my mom rewashed them. Chores were not stressed in our home, and I was never instructed how to do things properly. Eventually I was expected to do house work, but I was figuring it out as I went.

Now I am a mom of 5 children, and over the past 11 years, I have had to learn many skills. I am not very good at some things, and I want to ensure that my children have the skills necessary as they mature. Chores are so important, and sadly they are lacking these days. So many children today have tv’s, video game systems, smart phones and other luxuries handed to them. We want to give our children the best, but isn’t it also for the best to build character?

Starting chores early helps in so many ways.

  • Creates self respect

When a child sees and hears that they have done a good job it is building self confidence and self respect.  They will strive to do better, work harder, and accomplish more.

  • Teaches appreciation for hard work and rewards

When we work for something, the rewards are all the sweeter. Instilling this in our children pays off. They begin to appreciate the rewards that come from working for something

  • Starts skills that can be built upon

Starting early gives such a head start! When a child learns to pay attention to detains early, they will continue to grow, and be that much further along.

How do you start? The earlier the better. It does’t have to begin with washing dishes, or scrubbing floors. Even a 2 year old is capable of picking up toys. Start small with something realistic, but stay consistent. If a 2 year old thinks they can get out of doing something, they will! Here we are trying to reason with a 2 year old. I have heard it compared to negotiating with a terrorist, and I agree! It is fine to help, but creating the expectation is important.

Let you child know how hard you work. We always tell our children what my husband does for work. Having 4 boys, they get excited learning what their Daddy does for a living. All children look up to their parents, they love hearing what we do.

Get your children to help you. My boys tag along with Daddy while he works around the house. Even if it was just carrying a hammer, the look of pride on their face to be included was so priceless. Now they are learning to mow the lawn, shovelling the walk by them selves, and such a help to me. I call them my “Muscle” and they love it!



My front walk way was taken care of completely by my boys last winter. I am able to focus on other duties and they are getting all the benefits that will help them get further in their lives.


  1. Susan Smith says:

    I agree that assigning chores to kids are important. As they got older we would add chores, like mowing the lawn and shoveling snow. We pay them for their chores, which is an incentive for them to complete their chores.

  2. I agree with everything you said kids should have chores my daughter does and she understands that you have to work hard to get what you want

  3. Completely agree! Great article!

  4. eric rivera says:

    i do beleive chores are very very important but all depends on what, when and what age, but i do agree its great structure building skills and great for sence of self responcibility

  5. I think it is so important for kids to do chores. It makes them responsible for the family functioning not to mention they learn so many life lessons while completing chores.

  6. I love the idea of teaching them chores at such an early age.
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