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Technology is all around us. We use it to pay our bills, to share our family moments, to stay in the know, even to do our shopping. Every day we are logging in to this site and that site as we go about our day. It used to be that we could pick password and that would be that. These days, it is not so simple. Every site uses different password requirements to keep all of our personal information secure, but how many times have you had to reset your password because you can’t remember it? Then how do you keep track of all the new passwords? It is a vicious cycle, and one that we can break!

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F-Secure Key is an app that allows you to keep one password to control EVERYTHING!

  • Key stores all your passwords, log-ins, e-mails, PIN codes and other credentials securely
  • Generates strong passwords for your services and accounts
  • Follow the news feed to stay up-to-date on major hacking incidents
  • Auto-fill your passwords on log-in pages in your web browser
  • All your data protected with strong encryption
  • Key is a free download for one device

No more struggling to come up with a unique password to only forget it the next time you try to log in. Now you can relax, knowing all your information is safe, and that your password is secure. Key will generate a strong password, and it is so easy to use.

The Premium version is available for as low as $1.50/month and lets you use Key on all of your devises! F-Secure is offering our readers 2 months free using this code: PREMIUMKEYOFFER14

Just download KEY on your Android or iOS.  For Android: Go to Menu-Help- Enter PREMIUM VOUCHER

For iOS: Help Menu- Promotional Code

That’s not all, stay tuned for your chance to win an iPad mini!


  1. I have so many different passwords, this would be a huge time saver (and one less headache).
    Sherry recently posted..All in One Burger RecipeMy Profile

  2. I should definitely look into this. I hate having to remember 100’s of passwords.
    Jenn Park recently posted..Halloween Party IdeasMy Profile

  3. This is a great idea. It is hard to keep everything straight and secure!
    censie recently posted..Medifast Week 8 – A NSV!My Profile

  4. This is a great idea. Passwords here, user names there. Everything everywhere and it sure is hard to keep track of it all.

  5. Oh I am SO going to get this app! I need it to keep up with all of my insane passwords. I love that F-Secure Key helps with generating strong passwords, too! Thanks for sharing.
    Crystal recently posted..eKoffee – Golden Hills Coffee Roasters ReviewMy Profile

  6. I try to keep my passwords the same but this seems better. More safe too.
    tara pittman recently posted..Homemade Brown Rice Milk with The Ecosak Nut Milk BagMy Profile

  7. This sounds like such a great idea
    karissa recently posted..Facebook Blog HopMy Profile

  8. I really need to increase me security and this seems like just the thing to use!
    Stefanie recently posted..Slugterra Return of the Elementals GiveawayMy Profile

  9. Great info. I will look into it.
    Cristine recently posted..Holiday inspiration at Pinterest Blast – win $100 Amazon cashMy Profile

  10. Going to check this out, I need all my pw in one place

  11. Oh how I need this!!!! Just last night I was locked out of an account. I was trying all the passwords I ever used UGGG! With so many emails and so many accounts and passwords, to have one central place to keep them would be wonderful!
    Diane Holland recently posted..Win a pair of Little Twig & Sparrow PJ’s!My Profile

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