Kids Academy Learning Apps

Discloser: This post contains sponsored content. Please see our Discloser Policy for more details. Teaching children the fundamentals are so important. If your child doesn’t master reading and writing early, all other schooling will be challenging. Every child learns differently, and we need to do what we can to help build a strong foundation for their education to be built on. With the technology available, this is getting easier and easier to do in fun ways. logo Kids Academy has many apps for your digital devices to help teach your children their alphabet, phonetics, math skills and even work on their fine motor skills. All of these skills are the very foundation of all thief education, and it is so important to get it right! Each app is filled with colourful images and music to help captivate your preschooler and keep them learning. Each app has a free version available, and full versions with over 200 worksheets and activities.

Learn To Read & Write Kid’ Puzzles,  All in One Montessori Based Brain Kid’ Puzzles and 123 Tracing are just some examples of the great apps Kids Academy has come up with.

My Little C loves these apps, and I love how they are teaching her while she is having fun. Each app is available on the iTunes and Android markets.

Most of us let our children play on our tablets and smart phones already, so why not have them develop their brains at the same time? Visit Kids Academy and check out their variety of learning apps for your preschoolers.

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