Being Kind Challange

Every day we cross paths with many people. We don’t know them, we don’t know their struggles, we don’t know their triumphs. Often, we don;t give it another though. We go about our day, we think about our selves. What if, we could notice them? What if we can do something kind for someone else, and make their day?


What if we can inspire them to do the same? The Being Kind Counts Challenge is about just that, random acts of kindness. Kindness is rare now, especially to strangers. Is this the kind of world we want? Is this the way we want our children to see the world? I know I don’t/ I want my children to really see the difference they can make. I want them to do for others, and be selfless. So I used the Being Kind Challenge to challenge them.

Today, I challenged my children to make a new friend. We have some new neighbours, and my 4 boys took the time to share their bikes and scooters, and invite the 2 new boys over to play in our yard. Reaching out can be hard for many children. I am so proud of my boys for reaching out, and helping these boys make new friends. Now they all have plans to play after school tomorrow.

Being kind really does count. We can make change in the world, but we need to change our selves first. It starts small.So I challenge you. Do a random act of kindness and share it Let’s make a difference!

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